More Things That Made Me Dry Heave This Week — Self Promotion Edition

It’s actually just one thing, you guys

Lindsay Rae Brown
5 min readMay 25, 2022


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There aren’t many things I’m bad at.

Revision: I’m terrible at most things I try to do. My only saving grace is that I’ve got a stadium-sized reserve of resilience in my back pocket (and by back pocket, I mean my butt. Baby got back.). I’ve failed at almost everything I’ve ever tried to do, yet my beautiful brain doesn’t ever allow me to quit.

There is a whispering inside of me that hisses, “Sure, you’ve just made a fool of yourself by writing about that one time you had to shit into a bag at your kitchen sink, but, you know what, at least you’re trying. And also, at least you didn’t shit on the carpet!”

This little voice and I have a love-hate relationship because I’d probably be much more normal without it. However, I wouldn’t be me. I’d probably be pretty dull.

The voice is the thing inside of me that has kept me writing through impoverished months and demoralizing comment sections. The voice is my cheerleader. The voice woos me when other voices, more insensitive voices, tell me I should quit.

I wouldn’t say the voice gives me strength, but it does spur me onward when things seem shady AF.

Recently I’ve had a few people ask me if I have a Patreon account.

“Me?” I reply dubiously as if the idea is the most absurd I’ve ever heard.

For anyone who doesn’t know (this group included me up until a few months ago), Patreon is a subscriber platform where you can find your favourite creators and pledge a monthly subscription fee to help support their art. There you will find exclusive content that hasn’t been shared elsewhere on the web.

The problem with sites like that is you’d have to be rich beyond your wildest dreams to be able to support every single creator you like because that would end up being a crazy number of subscriptions every month. So, I assumed that only the big-name influencers would do well there. Maybe I’m still right about that. Who knows.

My logical brain screams, “You can’t start a Patreon account, you fool! You’re not good enough. Your stories are too weird and random…



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